Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snack with Ghee Leftover

This recipe I learnt from my neighbor, while I was in Bangalore. Once I make ghee, I used to throw the leftover. But my neightbor told me this method and also this is very good for kids, as it has high fat content. First time I made this, everybody loved this snack, including my daughter. It tastes really awesome. The more you make ghee, the more the leftover will be. I got only few tablespoon with the store bought butter, but while I make butter at home and ghee (Homemade ghee) from that, we even get more leftover. It will be a very crispy granules. As I told, this is very very good for health, especially for kids. It seems to look like bread crumbs or like coffee granules.


Ghee leftover - about 3 tbsp
Ragi/Finger millet flour - 1/4 cup
Jaggery (Vellam) - 3 tbsp


I used the leftover from about 3 sticks of butter. So I used ragi flour and jaggery as mentioned. But you can increase or decrease them according to the ghee leftover you get.


1) Do this in the same pan you made ghee. Now heat that pan with the leftover in it and add ragi flour and jaggery.

2) Stir it for about 3 minutes, until you get rid of the raw smell. You will get into roasted rava/sooji consistency or like bread crumbs. At this stage you can switch off the flame. Also you can see the difference, as everything settled on the vessel will be clean.

3) Ghee leftover snack is ready. I got only few tablespoons with the leftover. (as much as in the bowl)

Very healthy and rich in fat snack is ready. So don't ever waste this leftover.


  1. my mom used to mix sugar with it.. thanks for sharing..

  2. very delicious n nutritious snack...perfect homemade ghee!!
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  3. Hi Kavitha ,

    highly nutritious and healthy....

    Keep it up kavitha:)

  4. Very healthy snack dear..I usually don't throw it away,just mix hot steamed rice in the ghee made pan and a little salt & give it to kids,they enjoy like ghee rice :-)

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  5. very creative n healthy snack from leftover thing...very nice ,i will surely try this ..thanks for visiting my blog..happy to follow u too

  6. Lovely recipe.I love that idea of mixing ragi. Its very healthy.. :)

  7. thanks for such lovely comment droped in my blog .. very interesting blog u have ,.glad to follow ur space

  8. How many times I have thrown away this leftover, awesome idea, happy to follow u back..

  9. That looks fantastic. And I love your pictures! They’re just so warm and inviting.

  10. this fantastic idea of using that leftover. SO nutritious

  11. We call it 'ber' and have it along with sugar or sometimes I add it to the dal. It is very high in protein. Love the recipe.

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  12. Wonderful recipe dear..
    Thanks for dropping by and liking my blog..
    Will see all your recipes leisurely..happy to follow you.
    Do keep visiting.

  13. Gr8 way of using leftovers. I hardly get any of this leftover when I make my ghee but will try with what is left next time. Thanks for dropping by.

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  14. First time to ur space. This is very healthy and nutricious. We make it with sugar though. Keep up your good work. Do drop by mine when you find time.

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  16. Nice way of using ghee leftovers....Pls collect your awards

  17. Nice way of using the left over, i m making the ghee same way frm butter, but never used the left over..thanks for to ur blog,happily following u now..

  18. nice way of using the leftover of ghee...the leftover is really very delicious...generally we hav it with puffed rice with a little sugar!!!

  19. Very good written article. It will be beneficial to anybody who usess
    it, including myself. Keep up the good work - i will definitely
    read more posts.

  20. I don't ordinarily comment but I gotta admit appreciate it for the post on this perfect one :D.


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