Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homemade Ghee/Clarified Butter

Nothing will be as flavorful as homemade ghee/clarified butter. Previously while I was in Bangalore, I used to get milk from the milk society, as I resided very near. The milk will be very thick and used to make ghee from scratch. For once in 15 days I used to make butter and ghee.Also the homemade butter will be very flavorful and creamy.But here doing as such is little bit difficult, as we use only canned milk. Even after coming here, I used to make ghee at home, from store bought butter :( We can just melt butter and make ghee. But by adding drumstick leaves/curry leaves to it gives very good flavor. If you can't find it, you can add curry leaves also. I used only curry leaves as I can't find it here. Also there is no necessity to refrigerate the ghee and it can be good for about years even. Just use dry spoon and dry container to store it. Don't waste the leftover and you can make a snack (Snack with ghee leftover) with it.


Unsalted butter - your wish (I used about 3 sticks)
Salt - a pinch (optional)
Curry leaves or drumstick leaves - few


1) Heat a pan and add the butter sticks.

2) Let it melt and you will get soap like foam. (see the below picture)

3) Let it be in flame for about 2 minutes and then you get thin water like consistency. (as in the picture)

4) Then within 2 minutes again you get foam like consistency. Also you can get the sendiments from butter turns to light brown color.

5) Switch off the flame immediately at this stage and add salt and curry leaves/drumstick leaves. We are adding only a pinch of salt, so it won't get any salty taste. You can even use this ghee to make sweets, as you can't find that salt taste added to it. Adding rock salt is even better option. Salt is usually added to settle down the particles and also to give texture for the ghee.

6) Let it cool and transfer the ghee to a clean dry container by filtering it. Also don't waste the leftover after filtering it. A simple and very healthy snack, can be made with it. (Snack with ghee leftover) I will post that soon in my next post.

Homemade, flavorful and healthy ghee is ready. Also try my Snack with ghee leftover, which is a very healthy for kids.


  1. my mom makes it often.. nice presentation..

  2. Delicious flavorful one,I too make the similar way!!

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  3. I do a similar way


  4. Very tasty snack, Kavitha! I love it!



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