Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mint Juice

One of my favorite summer drink is mint juice. It is a very flavorful and healthy drink. This drink was suggested to me by my hubby. Once he was out for lunch with his friends and he had this drink in a restaurant. Back home, he asked to try this juice as it was just awesome. From then me too started to love this drink. Also my daughter love this. So I give her a lot more and very often, as she won't have ginger, mint or corriander if found in any recipes. This is a best way to feed them all the greens and ginger. Since all ingredients in this helps in easy digestion, it make kids hungry.

If I have mint in my refrigerator and if I am to make any drink, I prefer this very often. Mint is lot meant to cure many digestive problems. Thats why they add mint in most briyani's, which helps in easy digestion. If you have any heavy lunch or dinner and if you are not feeling hungry later, just have a glass of this juice. Also adding ginger gives a spicy taste to this drink. Very healthy and good drink even for kids.


Mint/Pudina - 1/4 bunch (about 15 to 20 leaves)
Cilantro/Corriander - 1/4 bunch (about one hands full)
Lemon - 1/2 if big or 1 if medium
Ginger - 2 inch (cut to small pieces)
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Honey/Sugar - 4 tbsp
Water - 2 glasses


1) Wash and pick the leaves. In a blender/mixie add all ingredients together.

2) Give a nice blend and its take about 3 minutes to grind all those leaves.

3) Filter it and now its ready to serve.

Very refreshing and healthy drink is now ready to refresh ourselves.


  1. i often prepare this juice and add jal-jeera powder to it.. really a refreshing drink..

    1. Very never heard of this jal-jeerea powder. Is it just jeera/cumin powder?

  2. very refreshing n healthy drink, try adding little jeera to this drink, it tastes so good...
    Spicy Treats

    1. Will give a try adding jeera next time :) Thanks for your suggestion sangeetha...

  3. Thanks dear for stopping by my space.This sounds like a refreshing and delicious drink.

  4. Refreshing and soo healthy!! Also like the jal jeera suggestion given by other foodies here.

  5. Hi Kavitha,

    Refreshing drink and great apitizer !!!!

    one thing do for me Dear,

    Drop one more comment on my post

    Cabbage curry at Lavanya's recipe:)))

    Thank you Kavitha....

  6. Very healthy n refreshing mint juice.

  7. Hi Kavi, I am new to your space, hopped over from Julie's. What have a lovely blog and this mint juice looks so refreshing....great for the heat :-)

  8. very healthy and yummy mint juice..

  9. That drink looks gr8! Very refreshing too!

  10. Kavi you link got updated correctly in inLinkz at my space.. Thnx for linking up this refreshing drink.

  11. Such a healthy n flavorful juice Kavitha..would love to taste it now :)
    Thanks for linking it to my event..wish to see some more entries from you!
    I'm happy to be your 50th follower :)


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