Monday, July 16, 2012

My Third Award

Hurray!!!! It's Award time...

Thanks to PT from Indian Kitchen, for sharing me this "Fabulous Ribbon Award". Preethi has a wonderful space and lots and lots of recipes. I was really surprised to see too many posts within a very short period of time. Also I wonder how she could make too many recipes in a single day and also blogging it. I just admire her work and dedication towards blogging.

The rules to be followed are :
1) Post the rules on my blog
2) Mention five fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere
3) Mention five things you love
4) Mention five things you hate
5) Pass on this ribbon to five bloggers (and leave a comment on their space to notify of their win)

Rule 1:

I have posted the rules in my blog.

Rule 2:

Five Fabulous Moments:

1) The day my daughter was born
2)First time I saw the snowfall, enjoying and playing in snow every winter
3) The day I started to blog
4) First time I saw a follower in my space and thanks to Aruna Manikandan (Veggies Paradise), my first follower
5) When I first received my first two awards

Rule 3:

Five Things I Love:

1) My family
2) Unforgettable school and college days
3)My childhood days with my mom, dad and brother
4) I love my space and all my lovely fellow bloggers
5) Love travelling a lot

Rule 4:

Five Things I Hate:

1) Backbiting
2) Selfish people
3) Using others for their own sake
4) Wasting food
5) Pretending to be good

Rule 5:

I am totally confused to share this award with only few of my blogger friends, as everyone are special in their own way and are fabulous bloggers. But, as per rules I selected five of my fellow bloggers, for this award.

1)Gayathri, Ishita, Subhashini fromEz Cookbook
2) Reshmi from Noel Collections
3) Meghana from Meg's Delicious Adventures
4) Sarika from Recipe World
5) Mytheryi from Yum! Yum! Yum!

Thanks everyone for your love and support. Do give your support and suggestions throughout.

I share this award with very few friends with all love and affection and please accept my award.


  1. congrats on your award and thanks for sharing this with us and congrats to all others who got this fabulous ribbon...

  2. My Heartiest Congratulations to you & all others.
    All the Best.

  3. Congratulations dear..
    Keep Rocking !

  4. Congrats Kavitha. May you keep earning more awards. And thanks a lot for sharing the award with me.

  5. congrats dear..

  6. Congrats on your award.. good to know few things about you

  7. congrats and wishing you many more... :) and thankyou for sharing. will post soon

  8. i tried ur lemon mint drink its great

  9. i tried ur lemon mint cooler drink its amazing


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