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Adai, this is one of the very common recipe, I make once in a week or atleast once in two weeks. We can do this for breakfast or for dinner even. But if you are making this for dinner, should have it little bit earlier. Since we use 3 dals in this dosa, its hightly nutritious and very tasty also. This dosa needs to be cooked in very low flame, as the dal needs to be well cooked. Only then we can get the crispy and well cooked dosa. Its takes about 5 mins for making single dosa. Even if its more time consuming one, the end product will be tasty one.

You can have it just like that, as it contains all spices in it. Also you can serve it with coconut chutney. This adai with Aviyal (Adai Aviyal) is one of the famous and special menu in my hometown. Both together makes a grreat combination.


Rice - 2 cups
Chana dal/Bengal gram - 3/4 cup
Toor dal - 1/4 cup
Skinned urad dal/urad dal - 3 tbsp
Red chilli - 7 or 8 (can add more if you want really spicy adai)
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
Salt - to taste
Sesame oil/Gingelly oil - 1/4 cup


1) Soak rice and dal (chana dal, toor dal, urad dal) together for about 6 to 7 hrs.

2) Put all together along with red chillies in a blender. Also add salt.

3) Add water and make a little coarse and thick batter of it. (Don't make it too watery or thin, as we do for usual dosa batter)

4) Add the chopped onion and curry leaves to the batter.

5) Mix well. Heat a tawa and pour about 1 laddle of batter and spread it like dosa (little bit thick dosa).
Drizzle some gingelly oil over it.

6) Let it cook for about 2 mins in medium flame. Flip to the other side. Drizzle some oil over it.

7) Cook both the sides very well by flipping on either sides for about 2 to 3 times, until its brown on both the sides.

Serve it hot. Crispy and healthy adai is ready to taste now.


  1. Hi Kavitha! first time to your space. i've never made adai before, but this looks so easy, would love to try it some time!

  2. That's a very healthy recipe :) My hubby loves this adai dosa with coconut chutney

    Happy to follow you do visit mine if you have time to spare

  3. WOW adai recipe sound really delicious and yea healthy too

  4. My favourite.... Looks yummy.... When U find time do drop at my place....


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